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Root Canal in Fremantle

Root Canal Fremantle

Relieve pain with gentle root canal treatment

Times have changed, and luckily, so has root canal therapy. It is no longer a procedure that needs to be feared; in fact, it relieves the pain caused by an infection in your tooth.

At Superior Smiles, our gentle dental team are well-versed in providing root canals.

A Pain-free Approach

A root canal removes any infected tissue that is present in the roots of your teeth, just below the gum line.

When completed, it can save your tooth from further damage or from extraction, which can require more extensive and costly treatment.

root canal Fremantle

Are You In Pain? Don’t Delay

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swelling of the gums, contact us immediately to get out of pain quickly. We are available for emergency visits and can discuss your issue to be sure it is properly addressed.

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