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Sleep Dentistry

IV Sedation Available at Superior Smiles

IV (intravenous) sedation enables you to have dental procedures performed while under a sedative that is injected before treatment commences. Whether it’s a more complex case or you are very anxious about visiting the dentist, IV Sedation – also known as twilight or sleep dentistry – makes the experience more comfortable for you.

What is IV Sedation or Sleep Dentistry?

Rather than general anesthetic where you are unconscious during treatment, IV sedation will put you into a relaxed sleep like state. You will still be able to follow what the dentist asks you to do, but usually won’t remember much once the procedure is over. IV Sedation needs to be administered by a specially trained professional.

Taking The Fear Out Of Seeing the Dentist

We understand that many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist or receiving dental procedures. Dr Rani cares about the patient experience and is experienced in making nervous patients feel comfortable and confident with her calm and caring demeanor and an emphasis on minimally invasive treatments. Sleep Dentistry can help make your experience even less nerve wracking as you’ll be relaxed and usually won’t remember much once the sedation is reversed.

All Your Dental Needs in One Location

The Superior Smiles team offer a comprehensive range of services and work with a team of external specialists which means you often won’t need to be referred elsewhere. By offering IV Sedation and Twilight Dentistry, we are able to keep even more of your treatments in house. We also work closely with Dr Kate Mortlet-Brown, a maxillofacial surgeon located within the same complex as us.

Can I Request IV Sedation?

We may recommend IV Sedation during their assessment, particularly if you are having major treatment or have a complex case. You can also request it during your treatment planning with Dr Rani and her team.

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You don’t need to feel nervous with us! Whether you’re due (or overdue!) for your regular check up, have a toothache causing you pain or are considering cosmetic treatment, Superior Smiles can help you and coordinate IV sedation if necessary. We also offer interest free repayments via ZipMoney.